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On ascent I went up this first, obvious valley / drainage but should have been more patient.The boulder field is quite large but as long as it's dry, it's rather fun.Incredible views over Lake Magog from near the upper bench above the boulder field.Mount Assiniboine.I ended up traversing left here, out of the photo to a break in the cliff bands, but there was a trail leading straight up here too.Great views towards Mount Cautley from the grassy ledge traverse under the cliffs on my left. My approach is on scree slopes below at center.Despite appearances, the terrain up the cliffs is pretty mellow. Other than ice chunks trying to take me out!Some of the nicest views of my trip, looking over Lake Magog towards Naiset Point, Terrapin, Magog and Assiniboine (L to R).A snowy, surprisingly expansive summit plateau.Looking over Cerulean Lake towards the other Sunburst Peaks, Mount Watson, Wedgwood Lake, Indian Peak, Moose Bath Pond, Ferro Pass, Nestor Peak, Simpson Ridge, Chucks Ridge,Wedgwood Lake sits under Mount Watson.Looking over Wedgwood Lake towards Octopus Mountain over the Mitchell River.Looking over Nub Peak towards Golden Mountain.Nasswald Peak rises over Og Lake, which isn't visible here.