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Breakfast near Lake Louise.No mystery to this approach! Just head up the ridge.Gaining height above the valley quickly. Mount William Booth across the North Saskatchewan River valley.A good trail through the short forested bits.A large part of our day is visible. Ernest Ross at right with Bridge and the ridge to Landslide at center. Two O'Clock Ridge left of center and Whirlpool at left.On the ridge to the summit block.An interesting section of the trail abuts the east face of the mountain - note hwy 11 far below here.Looking back down the ridge towards the Ex Coelis group and up the Siffleur River Valley. The large peak at right is Siffleur Mountain.The hiking is generally pretty easy on Ernest Ross.Lots of interesting terrain and landscape features in this area.Our first clear view of the twin summits of Ernest Ross (R) with our loop laid out from R to L in the far distance.This poor little guy wasn't too happy.He just wanted to snuggle I think. He was certainly scared enough to come to us for help but since neither of us speak "sheep" we couldn't really help him.The terrain gets interesting near the twin summits.Mike scrambles to the first summit with the true summit at left.The true summit is much less green than the false one.A wee bit of easy scrambling to the false summit.(L to R), Bridge, Elliot, Abraham, Michener, William Booth and others.From L to R, Siffleur, Peskett, Whirlpool Ridge, Two O'Clock Ridge / Peak, Landslide Peak, Ernest Ross and Bridge Peak.