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Approaching the fence and grassy meadow before the matchstick forest to the drainage. "Beaver Mines Ridge" at left and Whistler Mountain directly above WietseClassic Castle Wilderness matchstick forestLooking down the drainage - it's pretty messed up thanks to flooding, which is why we avoided hiking directly in it as much as possible.Nice views back out of the drainage.Looking further up the drainage from our ascent gully. You could easily hike further before taking other slopes to the ridge, but our route worked very well and got us up high, sooner.We started out on climber's left of the gully proper, but soon transitioned into it.Staying in the gully worked well. It's much further to the ridge than it appears here - the ridge isn't visible yet.Gorgeous views to the northwest as we gain height. The bump behind us here is the end of the ridge, we descended it's nose at the end of the day.This section of the ascent gully looked to be more problematic than it was. We traversed briefly to climber's right on scree before getting back into it. We also spotted a lone sheep here.The views are getting better and better. Syncline and McCarty at left in the distance.Now we can see over the end of the ridge we would descend later in the day.Grunting our way up to the ridge above.We finally top out near the ridge with the Whistler Lookout at far left.We avoided this bump on climber's right, but I went back along the ridge top to bag it and take photos.Classic Castle Wilderness photo.I briefly detoured back along the ridge crest to the high point visible here.