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Looking back at my descent track from Old Baldy - I avoided the over hanging slab by traverse down and around it oos to the left here.Looking back at my tracks.The ridge to McDougall looked intimidating in several spots, thanks to the snow, but usually it was quite reasonable and easy scrambling.Looking back where I came from - Old Baldy.The ridge is easy for the most part, with some short exposed sections.Looking north towards Old Baldy (right) and out to the west (C) from the a bump on the ridge traverse to McDougall.Looking towards the summit which is easy from here!Final slope to the summit of McDougall - a little less snow for some reason.Looking back along my approach ridge to Old Baldy.I could have descended down the west slope (left) but then I'd have to bushwhack out of the valley in knee-deep snow.From right to left includes the Opal Range, Fisher, Howard, Fullerton, Compression Ridge, Bryant and others.Looking over Mount Allan and the Nakiska ski resort to Sparrowhawk in clouds on the left and the four distinctive peaks of Mount Lougheed including, Wind, Lougheed III, Lougheed II (main) and LougheedFrom left to right, Bogart, Ribbon and Sparrowhawk loom over Mount Kidd Junior.Chester, Fortress, Gusty, Galatea, Tower (L to R) from the summit."Volcano Peak" is in the foreground, just right of center and looks tiny from here.Looking towards the eastern Kananaskis peaks including Compression Ridge and Mount Bryant.Snow squalls are moving in over Barrier Lake with Baldy, Midnight and Midday Peaks to the right.A possible escape route but I'm worried about all the fresh snow.Traversing back along the ridge to Old Baldy.