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Looking up the trail - notice how green and lush everything is. I really enjoyed the lower part of this mountain.Looking back down the steep approach drainage.Pocaterra Ridge from the ascent slopes.Looking back down the approach drainage to Mount Roberta (R).Getting above tree line the route becomes more obvious.Looking way down the approach slopes.The terrain over the col is sheep heaven!Looking down some exposed terrain.Views north to Elpoca (R) and Schlee (C).Mount Rae to the south.Views south to the Highwood Pass include Highwood and Grizzy Ridge, Tyrwhitt and Pocaterra.Panorama over the Kananaskis Lakes.Pano from Rae (L) to Pocaterra, Roberta, Joffre, Foch, Sarrail, Lyautey, Putnik, Indefatigable (R).Views to the Kananaskis Lakes.Mount Rae.Mount Schlee,  Jerram and Burney (C).Back down the ridge.The crux terrain.At the col.