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At the first clearing under the highway. Patterson is behind the sub-peak in front. The access canyon is to the right of the peak on the far left.Skiing to the access canyon was interesting. Skiing back out in the dark with only 1 head lamp was even better... :-)Wietse heads the wrong way up Delta Creek.Wietse stands in Delta Creek - he claimed to be "water skiing" here.Wietse comes up the lower canyon where the angle is still reasonable.Looking back at the terrain trap that any slide will trap you against if the steep canyon slope slides.We took off the skis shortly after I took the picture and traversed out of the gully to climber's rightAt the top of the steep slope, looking up the canyon, there is still a lot of exposure to avy slopes on every side.We traversed out of the canyon on ski boots, thanks to the low coverage on these boulders / scree.Delta Creek with Mistaya Mountain looming far above.Starting up the Delta creek bed above the lower canyon.Starting up the Delta creek bed above the lower canyon.Rocks in the drainage.Delta Creek with Mistaya Mountain looming far above.There were some extremely steep snow banks and rolls that we had to kick steps up on the way inWietse follows up Delta Creek on a very thin coverage where we had to carry our skis.Looking ahead up the creek / canyon to Mistaya Mountain. We turned climber's right at the end of this valley below the obvious headwall.Wietse follows my track up to a delightful lunch spot in the sun and onto real snow.The slopes above our lunch spot are obviously avalanche terrain.