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Cascade Mountain and Johnson Lake.Looks worse than it is, this is the back of the lake where we started traversing through light forest to the approach stream.We have to contour on climber's right of the hill to the left before slowly working our way all the way to the snowy ridge in the far distance.The stream is full of fresh debris, thanks to the 2013 floods. The rock is also very unstable making for a tough approach.Interesting geology in the creek - an anticline.The creek narrows, which has the effect of washing out the smaller rock, leaving us with larger ones that were easier to negotiate.Getting much higher, with larger debris.The creek splits at the bump in the far distance. We traversed beside the creek wherever we could, to give our poor ankles a break!The branch we didn't follow.Moss on the forest floor.We're high above the creek on climber's left to avoid a headwall below.Looking back we are surprised how much height we've gained. Still 1000 meters to go though.The summit is the snowy rock on the left, to the right of the pinnacles. Soon we will go up scree to our left.Looking up the easy scree slopes to the traverse, which is on the snow just below the pinnacles above.Pretty easy slopes, nice footing on stable scree / grass here.It's a beautiful alpine bowl underneath the summits of Girouard and west of Peechee (on the right).Steven leads up the slick rocks / snow. Another foot of snow would have been better - we could have kicked steps up and glissaded down!Looking back at our LONG approach! The work is paying off with great views though. Peechee to the center left here.