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Walking the access road for Victoria Peak (rising above us), Victoria Ridge and Prairie Bluff (out of sight to the right).The first cutline on our right (north) that we followed to an upper road.Looking back down the road - the access cutline down to the left. Pincher Ridge in the background here.We followed this road until it curved sharply left where we found an excellent trail leading to Prairie Bluff - visible at center here.The trail leads through some low scrub which would be problematic to bushwhack through.rolling terrain leads towards Prairie Bluff at upper left. Note the obvious trail we followed.Tons of wildflowers kept us busy on the way.It can be hard to photograph flowers with a phone!We saw tons of Glacier Lilies all weekend on every hike we did.We followed obvious terrain into the bowl before cutting up slopes to the right (east) to gain the ridge south of Prairie Bluff.There was no obvious trail once we gained the south bowl but the terrain was easy to hike and the route was obvious.One of the series of small falls draining down towards Pincher Creek.Kaycie and Niko enjoy the views south as we get further into the south bowl.There are many options to the summit from here. I wanted to avoid the loose orange scree so we cut up to the right before then.