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The meadows between Mount Armstrong and Bolton are full of wildflowers.Hiking up the Dormer River.Probably my favorite view from the entire weekend is this one, looking north off the summit of Arctomys at the Lyell Glacier draining into Arctomys LakeA zoomed out view of the Lyell Icefall to Arctomys Lake and the headwaters of Arctomys Creek and the Valley of Lakes.Sunset on Mount Forbes.Gorgeous 'little' corner of the Canadian Rockies that sees very few human feet each year.This is a special place that many folks fly over without experiencing - to me places like this are as special, or more, than a summit.This spectacular waterfall is called, "Cerberus Falls" and plunges hundreds of meters into Icefall Canyon.Looking back along our approach bench from our first break spot, towards Arras Mountain with "Twin" falls on the left.The spectacular scenery along the Valenciennes River FSR.Sunrise over Mount HectorRaf and Alan on the north ridge of Yoho Peak.Raf ascends the ridge on Yoho Peak with dramatic lighting on Des Poilus in the background.The gorgeous and unexpected view of "Des Poilus Tarn" with the glacier just beyond.My favorite small flower - the Twin Flower