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Berg Lake reflections.Early morning frost at the Berg Lake campground.This shelter is much better than the open-walled shelters at Berg Lake and Whitehorn Campgrounds.View of Rearguard Mountain from the fire pit at the Robson Pass campground.Another beautiful fall day.Rearguard (L) and Robson from the trail.I briefly cross back into Alberta.Nearing tree line, looking up the dragon's back to Mumm Peak.Great views of Berg Lake and Robson as I hike through Mumm Basin.Looking up the dragon's back to Mumm Peak - note the building clouds?Great views across (west) to the Unnamed peak and Whitehorn Mountain.Oddly enough, Robson stayed cloud free while Mumm and Anne-Alice clouded up quickly.Whitehorn Mountain is a beautiful peak.The view from "Mumm Junior" is spectacular and well worth the short, easy scramble to get there.