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Wietse is ready to dual with Momma Grizzly as we start up the lower ski hill at the Castle Mountain Ski resort.We walked straight up this run - the Grizzlies are up here somewhere but we scared them off. Or they were still sleeping.Patches of snow make things a bit easier - it's a gorgeous morning.Looking back down at the resort and Barnaby Ridge.Wietse kicks steps to the top of the first lift. Gravenstafel is still high above us here.Wietse comes up a steep snow drift. The upper chair lift station can be seen on his right.Some easy scrambling on rock to the summit.Gorgeous views of Mount Haig with its distinctive tarn.Descending to Haig, looking back at the summit of Gravenstafel.Looking down at the col and the impressive Mount Haig.Looking back up Gravenstafel and over at St. Eloi and Syncline to the left.The impressive north face of Haig.Near the col now, looking back up Gravenstafel Ridge.Interesting rock texture.