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We should have biked the first 4.6km of the Snowshoe Trail.The trail up to Goat Lake off the Snowshoe Trail is pretty cool.The views start to open up behind us as we climb the trail to Goat Lake. This is Anderson Peak which we'll climb the next day.Goat Lake.Lots of deadfall and avi debris on the trail above Goat Lake. You can see the Avion / Newman col in the centerAscending through the first cliff band.Ascending through the first cliff band.We are now above the first cliff band and heading for the col.View from the col showing the first part of Avion Ridge on the left and Newman Peak on the right.Sage Mountain from the col.Looking over Goat Lake to Anderson, Blakiston and Ruby Ridge.Vern on the summit of Newman Peak.Views along Spionkop (L) down Yarrow Creek.Views back along our ascent route to Avion Ridge.Descending Newman Peak on the traverse over to Spionkop Ridge.Gorgeous views down Yarrow Creek to Roche and Yarrow Mountain.Spionkop Ridge.Looking back to Avion Ridge.Great colorful view of Spionkop Ridge from the ascent route.