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Descending the Peyto Glacier.Descending the Peyto Glacier.Wietse leads us towards the canyon at the end of the Peyto Glacier depproach. The morainne exit is to the left side of this picture.Kevin takes off his skis to cross a small section of rocks. Many years there isn't enough snow on this route to attempt it.This is the only spot we actually got into the creek itself, everywhere else you have to stay above the creek on skiers right.Looking back at our tracks descending into the creekbed.Looking back at our tracks descending into the creekbed.This last section was the most risky for us - but partly due to dumb route choice! We should have gone up to our rightHard to tell, but if Wietse slips to his right, he's a gonner! Not the smartest route choice I've ever made.Descending tricky terrain in the creek.Descending tricky terrain in the creek."Skiing" towards Peyto Lake.Back on Peyto Lake with the Peyto Glacier and Mount Habel just barely visible in the far distance.This shot is taken right from the shoulder of hwy 93. Note - there is no trees or steep, crappy snow slope to descend here!