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A good bridge lower down on the approach trail.A raging Bourgeau Creek that no longer has a bridge where we want to cross!After the waterfalls the trail steepens considerably and we started encountering snow and mud due to early season conditions.More of the raging creek.Near Bourgeau Lake the trail started deteriorating more - mostly due to winter avalanches.The second lake, above Bourgeau Lake and getting above tree line. Harvey Pass is ahead and to the left.Harvey Pass, looking up at a large slope leading eventually to the summit which is out of sight here.Big terrain as we start up the easy slopes to the summit.Looking back over the Healy Meadows towards The Monarch. Black Brett at right.Even an innocent looking snow patch can be problematic in June!A wider view - find Wietse in the snow patch!Looking back over our ascent slopes and towards the Ball Range.Impressive view of Pilot Mountain which I would scramble solo 3 years later in 2009.Dark clouds to the west over the Ball Range which includes Mount Ball and Isabelle Peak.Looking towards Brett and Pilot with Hector in between and Pulsatilla at distant right.Lovely summit view of a man-made structure! :)Black Brett (R), Storm, Ball, Haiduk, Isabelle, Monarch and more.Black Brett is on my list (completed in 2017).Mount Ball is a big peak!