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I packed as I normally do for wilderness canoe trips, which meant limited gear.Driving down to the river near the Tolman Campground where our trip would end.Packing gear at the Content Bridge.The kids.Ready to rock 'n roll.I used my Souris River Quetico 16' Carbon-Tec boat while Calvin, Mike and Niko used rentals from the University of Calgary Outdoor Centre.Nice evening.Learning their boat.Gorgeous evening.NikoCalvin and Rokko.Mike and Carter are out of the boat due to a very shallow section of river.Looking back at Mike and Calvin walking their boats through a shallow section.Niko and Derik had a 16' Prospector which was more difficult to steer than the longer 17' models. That was their excuse anyway...Derik.Looking for a campsite.We set up camp in growing darkness. Note that my canoe was tied to some rocks as I never trust it untied - it's so light.