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The views of Forum Peak are intimidating from the drive in.Entering British Columbia along the trail.Right at the Akamina Pass sign you should turn left onto this cut line. It's somewhat overgrown but not too bad.After hiking along the cutline for a bit you'll turn the corner to your right and be looking ahead at this really steep hill.Wietse hiking the cutline.Wietse coming up the ridge.The crux of the ridge can be seen through the deadfall on Forum Ridge.Cameron Lake and the USA / Canada border. Custer at center.Wietse with Cameron Lake and Alderson / Buchanan in the background.Looking ahead at Forum Peak from the ascent route.Wietse with Cameron Lake and Alderson / Buchanan in the background.Cameron Lake with the Alderson, Buchanon and Carthew trio in the background.Looking along the crux wall.Wietse traverses climber's right to find a way up the crux.Wietse climbs the crux.Wietse with Forum Lake below.Wietse comes up to Forum Peak.Kintla Lake in the distance, Akamina Ridge at right.