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It's still fairly dark as we pass the turnoff for the Upper Kananaskis Lakes Loop trail and look back at the lake.On the old logging road, just across Invincible Creek.This is the state of the old logging road.Looking up a side stream along the road, glad we don't have to go there... ;)The very obvious turn off on the approach road. Trail / ridge goes up to the right.Grinding up the ridge.Great views behind us include Indefatigable on the left, Fox and Sarrail at center and Lyautey and Putnik on the right.Off the obvious trail, but the ridge top is easily accessed from here anyway.Great views of Lyautey (L) and Putnik (R). Defender and Onslow could be peaking out somewhere at center.On the ridge, we follow an obvious trail up along the north side.Looking up the ridge, Putnik on the left.First good view of Nomad with a carpet of larch needles in the foreground.Gorgeous views back from the ridge over Upper Kananaskis Lake.Another view into upper Invincible Creek Valley with Nomad just left of center and Indefatigable on the right.A veritable carpet of larch needles!Looking back - the weather is super warm for October.Nomad and Invincible (R).Lower slopes on Nomad, the bear is just out of sight to the left.