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The impressive glacier falling away from beneath Ernest's south face and Walter's west face.Looking a bit further west down into the Lyell Creek drainage. This is an alternate approach to Mount Alexandra and sounds like pretty hellish traveling.Just before the steep crux downclimb over the 'schrund to our left.Great scenery off the right hand ascent ridge. The Lyell Creek approach comes in from the left.The terrain was snowy, but it didn't really make it any harder.The Alexandra Glacier lies far below as we walk in the clouds down the west ridge.Descending the upper west Alexandra Glacier with the awesome bowl from Coral to Fresnoy in front of us.It was a few hours of delicate travel through the heavily crevassed lower west Alexandra Glacier.Just off the west glacier, looking back one more time at this special place.Mount King Edward was very high on my list after seeing it from this angle - it took me three attempts to finally stand on its summit in late August, 2017.Mount Forbes catches the last remaining rays of sunshine.Darkness comes in from the east as the sun flees in the west.Looking over the Monchy Icefield to Forbes and the Lyells.Looking across the Monchy Icefield at Mount Forbes and the Lyells. Our entire traverse is visible, ending just before Willerval on the right.Looking back at Amery from the south end of the Monchy Icefield.The Lyell Icefield brings back great memories.Impressive icefall off the Monchy icefield into Amery Creek.A gorgeous head-on view of the mighty 11,851 ft Mount Forbes - which I would climb in 2016, in perfect conditions.