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Approaching Peyto with Baker, Tilly and Trapper on the left.Gorgeous morning lighting on Baker and Tilly.Ben and Steven follow me up the lower flank of Peyto's south face. Thompson looms on the left and Habel on the right.Baker really is a beautiful mountain! Ayesha now showing up on the left.Trapper is much harder than it appears. There's significant objective hazard as you ascend the right hand avy slope under some giant cornices.We abandon the skis and start boot packing.The sun is out now and we are boot packing up the steepish rubbly south slope of Peyto.Looking back over an ocean of snow and ice at St. Nich, Olive and Gordon.Ben is in the first gully here but eventually moved one more gully to the westLooking down Peyto's north face from our ledge.A steep pano from the ledge, looking west north and east. The false summit of Peyto on the far left and the approach to our ledge on the far rightVern has just cleared the crux and now approaches the belay (photo by Steven Song).Vern is off belay and going for the top! There is some tricky moves involved - and obviously some wintery conditions too. (Photo by Steven Song)I've been on a LOT of peaks in this photo. Many great memories as I peer across the ocean of ice and snow and rock.Ben comes up to the summit.Looking over our tracks to Baker at Des Poilus, Collie, Habel, Rhondda and even the Goodsirs on the far left.Mount Baker with Mount Ayesha to the left. Two of the Wapta's sexiest peaks.Baker looms over Tilly and Trapper on the right.Trapper on the left and Mount Mummery on the right.St Nicholas, Olive, Balfour and Gordon.