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Looking back to Belmore Brown.Traversing hard snow slopes.I would do the Porcupine Traverse many years later.The ridge to Tiara.Looking back as Wietse comes up the ridge.This is what we had to traverse on to get around the east side of the summit block. At least it was very firm!Wietse on the 'solid traverse'. We obviously needed crampons for this short but steep section.The south cliffs of the summit block. I wonder if there's any routes up this side? For some reason I wasn't expecting this section at all. Very cool scenery.Wietse going around to the south west of the summit block.There were good cairns with flagging marking the route up the west side of the summit block.Wietse ascends to the summit.Moose and Prairie Mountain from the summit of Tiara.A very nice summit panorama to the west.Views towards Moose and Prairie Mountain.Descending Tiara Peak.One last view northwest before we round back to the east.The pinnacles come into view as we round the summit block on the way back.Traversing to our descent gully.Looking down the alternate descent gully - Moose and Prairie Mountain in the bg.