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Phil plods up the steep grind to Boulder Pass - Ptarmigan Peak obscured by smoke in the background.Arg. Ptarmigan Lake is almost blending in with the smokey atmosphere as we hike around its northern shore.Looking down on Zigadenus Lake from Packers Pass.The always lovely Myosotis Lake, tucked beneath Zigadenus Lake.The Skoki Lakes trail snakes across the flats towards a barely visible Skoki Mountain and past Fossil Mountain on the right.Pika's were more visible than I've ever seen before - they seemed to be in a huge rush to gather and store food for winter.This was the point we crossed the Skoki Lakes outflow stream to catch the Deception Pass Trail before it merged with the Skoki Pass Trail to the Red Deer Lakes area.A dry and pleasant stroll along the Skoki Pass trail.This section of the Red Deer River flats between the Red Deer Lakes and just past the campground is always a favorite for photos.