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The boulder field.Pano of Spray Lakes from the boulder field.Wietse comes up on climber's right of the boulders - we avoided them due to the slick snow covering.As we gained a small ridge on climber's right of the boulder field we got our first glimpse of the summit.Wietse on the ridge.A view into the pristine Spencer Creek Valley which grants access to both Lougheed II and III.Coming out of tree line.Looking north west from tree line.Wietse comes up the final summit ridge.Pano from near the summit showing the entire Spray Lakes reservoir.Vern on the summit of Little Lougheed.That's about it for blue sky! Looking over at an outlier of Lougheed II.Windtower on the left and Lougheed I in the center. The access for Lougheed I is the valley seen here.Sparrowhawk is buried in clouds near the summit.