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Looking over the meadows to Mount Muir with the alternate descent slope at left and the west ridge at center and right.McPhail's lower south slopes are open grass. Nugara's route comes in from above the lake so it avoids this nice grassy slope.Great views back over Weary Creek towards Muir and the Gap at right.This is the rubble-fest on McPhail's south face. You can't avoid it so best deal with it!Much higher now and near the south ridge.Despite appearances, the cliff bands were all easy scrambling higher up with slight detours climber's left to avoid loose or exposed sections.Summit views looking north towards Mount Bishop (C), Horned Mountain (C-R) and Hill of the Flowers (R).Bishop looks easy from this side with a beautiful little tarn to boot.Lancaster, Connor, Abruzzi, Cadorna, Swiderski, Battisti and Stiletto - all very impressive peaks that don't get very much attention.Mount Joffre looms over peaks like Aosta, Nivelle, De Gaulle, Castelnau and Ney with Petain to the right of that group.Looking over Horned Mountain and past Mount Bishop towards Mist Mountain.(L to R), Hill of the Flowers, Patterson's, Serendipity, Head, Holy Cross, Muir, Strachan, MacLaren, Baril, Cornwell, Aldridge, Shankland and Courcelette.Peaks include (L to R), Muir, MacLaren, Strachan, Baril, Cornwell, Shankland, Aldridge and Courcelette.Looking southwest over Weary Creek Gap towards Tuxford, Veits and the Fording Mine site.