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Jon tightens his boot laces under the gaze of our next two objective, Cordonnier in the bg on the left and Warrior on the right.We follow the obvious Northover Ridge / Joffre approach trail towards Northover (R) and Warrior (L).Jon leads up the easy ledges / slabs on Warrior's east face under the glacier.On the glacier now - this is the biggest hole we could find and it was obvious.Looking north off the gently angled glacier towards Northover.Rod comes up the glacier behind me, Aster Lake visible at far right and Kananaskis Lake in the distance.Rod and Vern on the glacier.Just off the glacier, this is what a recently receding glacier does to scree - it gets rid of it up high and deposits it all lower down!Views across the glacier to Northover.Jon grunts up to the scree ridge above the glacier - the summit visible above us here and the route via the skyline ridge.Lots of scree to the summit of Warrior along the south ridge.Looking back at Rod ascending the wide south ridge of Warrior, Cordonnier and its traverse along with Joffre in the background.Summit views were limited thanks to thick smoke, but here we are nonetheless! Petain, Joffre and Cordonnier (L to R) in the bg.Great view of Northover in the foreground and Lyautey to the right.Rod on the connecting ridge to Cordonnier from Warrior showing the exposure off the west side of the ridge.A slip to the left would be injuries for sure, probably severe. Going off to the right obviously isn't even an option for survivabilityRod on another narrow section of the connecting ridge.Another shot of the moderate scrambling section of the ridge.On our second summit of the day!Joffre is looking extremely icy this late in the (dry) season.