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Naiset Point with morning sun from near the Naiset Huts.The morning starts clear and fresh.Assiniboine with clouds streaming off the summit and Lake Magog in front.Matterhorn of the Rockies!Hanneke takes in the great views around the Assiniboine Lodge.Vern and HannekeRodderJon and Yolande (George)Assiniboine is reflected in a tarn on our way up The Nub.The trail is well traveled and the signs make the way obvious.Getting up to The Nublet.Hanneke with Assiniboine in the background.Hiking up to the Nublet in gorgeous weather.What a view!0Summit of the Nublet.The group poses on the Nublet.Negotiating the ridge to the Nub from the Nublet.The ridge is actually fun scrambling in places.The large group we passed, taking photos from near the Nublet.