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An early morning bike ride through the Shark area with our mountain looming far off in the distance.Starting up the Spray River Trail.Early morning along the Spray River Trail.Mount Morrison looms high above our approach valley.Branching onto the much smaller and less traveled White Man Pass trail.It's always a good sign when each subsequent trail gets less and less traveled on my trips. This is exactly what we like.A neighbor of the forest warily watches us tramp on by.The Currie Creek Trail is really old.Obvious evidence that this is a man-made trail.The Currie Creek "trail" goes through valley bottom and crosses quite a few marshy bogs. This is looking towards Morrison as we round its south ridge.I love Alberta "bushwhacking". So pleasant - especially when compared to BC's hellish undergrowth!The ascent gully is choked with avy debris.Phil in the approach gully.Despite the avalanche debris, the drainage was pretty straightforward traveling.Looking south towards the very impressive Mount Currie and down our avalanche gully.We stuck to the avy snow at left here. All the trees on the ridge between the two gullies have been wiped off the mountainHard avy debris in the ascent gully.Our views start opening up as we look back towards Smuts, Smutwood, Birdwood and Sir Douglas.[Ascending some slabs with the south / west aspect of Morrison visible above.We passed through a surprisingly dense little grove of trees.