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A nice sunrise to start our day.A beautiful morning.The Rowe Lakes trail is excellent - like all the main Waterton trails.Avalanche debris and snow as we approach the first lake turn off (which you don't take to reach the upper lakes).Boots are going to get even more wet today!The trail was melted out lower down.Mount Lineham rises above the trail as we cross the creek and start the steep grunt to the upper lakes.The trail became icy as soon as we started the steeper climb to the upper lakes.Looking down at the trail - the highline traverse to Lineham Lakes goes over the ridge in the far distance.Upper Rowe Lake. We'll ascend the obvious ridge on the right.It's a winter wonderland as I look back from the ridge. Rowe at right above the lake.Phil checks out the dismal weather hovering over Mount Lineham.Another view of Mount Lineham and the valley between the Rowe Lakes and Lineham Ridge.The final slog to the ridge on the right and Mount Rowe on the left. We descended a wee bit to take the thinnest bush.WOW!This is sadly what our day became despite the excellent start.Cameron Lake in the distance with Akamina Ridge and Wall Lake. Summit of Rowe on the left.Cameron Lake