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Trevor brought waders to cross the Highwood but I didn't bother as it wasn't even knee deep this late in the year.Really?! This is a ROAD?A slightly less bushy section of "road".Starting up the steep slope to the first summit.It is going to be a lovely day.This is why you do Odlum Ridge in late September. Mount Bishop (C) and Mount McPhail (L) with Horned Mountain between them.Looking back down our approach from a less-angled section of the ridge. They're hard to see against the morning glare but at left lie Patterson's Peak, Serendipity, Head and Holy Cross.The terrain eases off as we start the traverse to the first summit - Mist Mountain at right with snow.What a morning! Already in t-shirts and not a hint of wind.Pleasant hiking towards the first summit.Lovely larch forest along the ridge.The second summit at far right. Peaks include (L to R), MacLaren, Strachan, Muir, McPhail, Horned, Bishop, Loomis and Odlum.Looking west (L) and north (R) the view includes Odlum, Storelk, Tyrwhitt, Lipsett, Mist, Eagle Ridge, Mist Ridge and Gibraltar.Mount Loomis (L) with it's approach and ascent lines visible.