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Marching up the Sunshine Village road.Starting the hike through the Sunshine Meadows.Sunshine Meadows.Sunshine Meadows.Sunshine Meadows.Sunshine Meadows.Looking over Howard Douglas Lake towards Citadel Pass at distant left.Looking towards Nestor Peak.Braided trail past Howard Douglas Lake.It's wet and early for wildflowers, but they're starting to flourish.The trail to Citadel Pass.The trail to Citadel Pass.The trail to Citadel Pass.Fatigue Mountain is covered in low clouds.Looking past Quartz Ridge towards The Monarch.Phil on the lower west slope of Fatigue with Citadel Peak in the background.Looking back at Citadel Peak from Fatigue Mountain.Quartz Hill and Shoulder rise above another unexpected pond. There was fire fighting equipment still lining this pond which was obviously used as a water source for the Verdant Creek wildfire in 2017.Grinding our way up Fatigue.Higher than Citadel Peak and entering the clouds.