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Starting up our second 11,000er of the day.A wonderful shot of Mount Woolley and it's North Ridge.Ascending snow just below the summit.A panorama from what the majority of climbers consider the summit of Diadem Peak. The slightly higher - and much more difficult - rocky summit at right.A great shot of the Northeast Ridge of Alberta. The North Face is in deep shadow.From the snow summit on Diadem looking towards Woolley (L) and Alberta (C).Traversing off the snow summit of Diadem towards it’s rock summit.Double crap. Do we really have to follow him up there?! A wee bit of exposure.Yep. It sounds like it's higher.Steven on the exposed summit of Diadem Peak.Now that is a summit panorama!!Mount Warren and Brazeau on the left side are 11,000ers that I did the next summer with Ben.Poboktan Mountain is 10,893 feet high.