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I parked at the yellow bridge - not sure if this was sanctioned or not.Biking up the muddy road - I could have driven here.The OHV trail heading towards North York Creek is massively potholed. Andy Good ahead.Across North York Creek and heading up to the crash site.Across North York Creek and heading up to the crash site.Approaching the crash site – it’s still a bit further and higher from here. An outlier of Coulthard at left with Andy Good at right.Approaching the end of the road. Looking up at MacLaren.At the crash site - the route for Coulthard straight ahead.The crash site.At the crash site, North York Creek at left my ascent route straight ahead.Ascending an obvious trail past the falls at my left.Views back to MacLaren.The trail above the crash site doesn’t remain this prominent for very much longer. Coulthard is at left.Looking back down North York Creek towards MacLaren.