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After following the trail through the trees lower down, we are now crossing the waterfalls on climber's left.Some scrambling through the headwall near the falls.Looking back over the top of the headwall towards Bow Peak.Andromache towers above us - it's our second peak of the day.Be careful if you choose to angle climber's right too quickly as you will soon be free climbing rather than scrambling.Hector Lake with Mount Balfour above.400 vertical meters of scree to go!A heckuva view towards Mount Hector, which I skied in 2009 with TJ and Meghan.What a view!! Looking over Hector Lake towards the mighty Mount Balfour - king of the Wapta, which I also climbed with TJ, in 2010.Vern on the summit of Little Hector.Gorgeous Molar Mountain with Cyclone in the bg on the right and Cataract Peak in the bg on the left.A heckuva view towards Mount Hector, which I skied in 2009 with TJ and Meghan.Wietse approaches the summit with Dolomite and Cirque in the bg.Looking east towards Dip Slope Mountain across the Siffleur Wilderness and Molar Pass. Cataract just out of sight to the right.The distinctive forms of Willingdon, Crown and South Tower rising far above Devon Mountain.Another, wider shot of Mount Hector and its crevassed glacier.A great view south towards Lake Louise includes (L to R), Lefroy, Hungabee, Victoria South and North and the Goodsir Towers.Dramatic view to the highest peak on the Wapta - Mount Balfour. Turquoise Lake at lower left.