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Sitting on the edge of the glacier, looking towards Conical Peak.Walking in runners on the low-angled eastern edge of the glacier.Glacier landscapes.Looking back at Porcupine NE2.Off the eastern edge of the glacier and walking up stepped terrain which is gushing with melt water.The stepped terrain was very interesting. And very wet!Looking back at Porcupine NE2 Peak.Nearing another short stretch of glacier.Another bit of low-angle glacier to the ridge that leads towards Conical.Note that we're already higher than Conical and still have to ascend higher (twice) before finally dropping down and climbing the actual peak.Decent views from the glacier near the ridge, looking back towards Quill Peak left of center and down at Conical at right.Quill Peak is pretty impressive with Porcupine NE2 acting all colorful in the foreground - trying to hide its true nature as a PITA!The smoke clears out a bit and gives us some distant views - this is Mount Noyes at left and Quill Peak at right with Porcupine Peak in between.Saving Conical for last means the easiest terrain can be done in an exhausted state.Traversing more bumps towards Conical, which again, is lower than us at this point. Bobac and Watermelon at distant right.Gorgeous, easy hiking - but note the undulating terrain. Lots of height losses and gains along the easy ridge. Silverhorn shows up at far right now.