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Sonny on the lower south gully of Kidd South.A beautiful early morning view towards The Fortress and Gusty Peak - I did both of those together with Dave Stephens in October 2004The two gullies that access the ridge are way above us. We took the middle line.Ascending the south gully.Views to Fortress, Gusty and Galatea (R).Sonny enjoys a breather on the way up.The Tower.Sonny enjoys the snow-free scramble up the lower ridge.Looking to our left towards Guinn's PeakThe going starts to get tougher as we approach the 'ice line' - the point of the trip where the snow became ice.Galatea, The Tower and Lillian (R).Looking ahead to the summit.L to R, Galatea, The Tower, Engadine, Guinn's, Lillian, Assiniboine, Buller.Sonny pauses on the final push to the summit. Mount Assiniboine rises in the distance.Nestor and Old Goat rise over Red Ridge.Sonny on the summit ridge.Sonny on the summit ridge.Mount Kidd at left with Old Baldy and McDougall in the bg.The summit can be seen in the distance along with the snowy / icy terrain between it and me.