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Three Lakes Ridge from Rainy Ridge.The smallest of the Rainy Lakes is tucked under the north aspect of Jake Smith Peak.Initially the ridge towards Three Lakes Ridge is pretty tame with great views. Jake Smith and Scarpe at left and the Middlepass Lakes at lower right.The ridge was quite scenic with larches right up to the crest and lakes and Red Argillite all around.Looking straight down at the largest and highest of the Middlepass Lakes.The ridge isn't very high - there's trees that encroach right on the crest as you drop to the Three Lakes col.Phil exits the steep chimney / gully that breaks the cliffs along the ridge to the col.A view back up the ridge from after the chimney showing the chimney and terrain.Great views off the ridge before we start descending and traversing on the south aspect (L). A surprising number of larches between Three Lakes and Jake Smith Peak.This is why you must drop down and traverse - it avoids a series of pretty serious cliff bands interrupting the ridge crest.Phil looks up a line of cliffs extending to the ridge above as we deftly avoid them.Looking back along the terrain we've avoided by taking a route at center instead of left.The east ridge of Three Lakes is much easier than it appears from afar.Great views back along the ridge to Rainy with the Middlepass Lakes at left.Phil starts up the east ridge of Three Lakes.