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My day started pretty good with a beautiful sunrise over Mount Rundle.My day started pretty good with a beautiful sunrise over Mount Rundle.Healy Creek.Just me and the Healy Creek Trail. Kilometers and kilometers of it.NOW we're talking. Healy Meadows is literally crawling with larches. So many larches.The well maintained trail to Healy Pass.Larch goodness.Yikes. My camera starts to overheat at the scene of a larch forest and The Monarch.Despite some intense snow flurries, the weather isn't looking too bad as I close in on Healy Pass and glance back over the meadows and along the Monarch Ramparts on the right.Heading down to Pharaoh Creek from Healy Pass - Pharaoh Peaks just right of center.Pharaoh Peak rises at right.My destination rises at right with Egypt and Scarab Lakes at center and Scarab Peak rising above them. Sugarloaf Mountain in the foreground at left.Some larches are more esthetic than others.The trail beckons me on.The east face of Greater Pharaoh stares back at me as I turn towards it - finally reaching the Pharaoh Creek valley floor.Taking the interesting boardwalk towards Whistling Pass and Scarab Lake.The trail up to Scarab Lake is steep and a bit more rustic than the highways I've been on so far this day but it's still really good traveling. Greater Pharaoh rises above me here.The views are stunning from everywhere today.I love it when trails seem to navigate impenetrable headwalls such as this one.Back up into larches.