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Wedgewood, Magog and Assiniboine from L to R.Mount Assiniboine with the moon as the sun sets. Our route goes up the ridge trending to skyline left from bottom left.One of my favorite pano's from all my climbs - looking across the east face / ridge of Assiniboine at a smoky morning sunrise.Amazing summit view over Wonder Pass, Marvel and Gloria Lakes.A wonderful view over the Valley of the Rocks back towards the mighty Mount Assiniboine.Now that's a view! Looking back over Howard Douglas Lake towards Fatigue (L), Citadel Peak (C) and Mount Assiniboine (R).Stunning views down the Assiniboine Creek exit valley over the Mitchell Range to the Purcells.Phil checks out the views from the SW end of the summit block - note the impressive rock wall of the west outlier at right.The walls on Aurora provide some nice scenery on ascent.Looking past the eastern cliffs of Citadel towards Golden Mountain (L) and an outlier of Nub Peak at distant right.Storms continue to roll towards and over us from the west, but none of them are severe enough to stop us yet.The massively exposed cleft just beneath the first false summit.The storm moves up the Simpson River Valley beside us.Very dramatic scenery as we continue to navigate the ridge to Fatigue Pass after the storm.Once again we are reminded why the suffering of a new route is worth it. I certainly haven't seen this photo before! Nub peak at left with The Towers, Terrapin, Magog, Assiniboine from L to R in the bWild scenery from the NW summit looking over the colorful north end of Simpson Ridge at left and over the Citadel Pass area at right.First glimpses of Alexandra (L).Amery, Willerval on the right, Columbia Icefield on the left. The peak in the foreground is Queen's Peak - very near 11,000 feet.