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The trail into the cirque branches left off a gravel path that leads up to the Arethusa Cirque across hwy 40.Initially the trail is obvious and there is only one.As we exit the trees and cross the first open avy slope, Pocaterra Cirque is visible in the distance at center.The larches aren't quite turning yet, but the smell of Fall is in the air.I'm glad I brought my camera - the scenery is still pretty nice even with all the smoke.The trail is obvious - there is a group of 5 ahead of us here.Pocaterra Ridge and Mountain come into view as we enter the cirque.Once the trail breaks into the cirque it is quite lovely.There is a beaten path in the scree that makes the route obvious but does require hiking footwear or you might be slipping around quite a bit.Spot the figure on top of the window.Looking up towards Grizzly Ridge (L) and Mount Tyrwhitt (R) as we start the scree grind to the col which is obvious at right of center.Nice views back towards Pocaterra Ridge.Looking up the beaten trail in the scree towards the col with Tyrwhitt looming above. The angle to the summit of Tyrwhitt doesn't look so bad from this side.Looking back along the scree trail towards Pocaterra Mountain and Ridge.Approaching the col there is some easy scrambling through the rocks ahead. This is where I realized that hikers don't always appreciate scrambles.Very interesting views from the col up Mount Tyrwhitt almost made me want to dash up it - if it weren't for hordes of people knocking rocks down this slope I likely would have.