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Gorgeous Peyto Lake in early morning lighting.Hiking along Peyto LakePeyto Peak looms above a raging Peyto Creek that isn't as easy to cross as you'd think!A familiar moraine - but I've usually been on it in the winter, including ascents of Baker, Trapper, PeytoLooking back down the moraine to Peyto Lake.Mistaya peeks out over the Caldron Falls in this view from the moraine.Gazing across the Wapta Icefield at Rhondda (L) and Habel (R).Dramatic views across Caldron Creek to the Peak.Finishing up the exposed traverse to Caldron Lake - Mistaya on the left and Caldron out of sight at upper right.Stunning view of Caldron Lake with Peyto Peak rising above it.Looking up our access slope for Mistaya.Starting up the large snow gully.Raf comes up behind me, the peak at center is Jimmy Simpson and is best ascended from Bow Lake rather than Peyto Lake.The gully is much steeper than it appears on this photo.ore stunning views as we climb the gully.The gully gets steeper the higher you go.Finally on the upper ridge, this is looking away from the summit towards Peyto which is out of sight.This is looking back towards the Wapta Icefield with Thompson, Baker, Peyto and Trapper in the distance.Close to the summit looking to Barbette Mountain.Looking west across the Blaeberry River to the Mummery Group.