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Beautiful Chephren Lake with Howse at right.Yeah... This is part of the "trail" around the lake...The boulder field - at least the views are distracting.Crossing the outflow streams was harder than we expected.An obvious bivy coral, we went further.My room with a view! Chephren rises over a vertical mile above me.A very calm morning on Chephren Lake as we leave camp.Howse, White Pyramid and Chephren in the morning light.Hundreds and hundreds of vertical meters on this grassy / flowery slope.A gorgeous morning keeps improving.A magnificent billy goat and his mate gaze down at us as we climb towards them.This Mountain Goat is huge!Mountain Goats.The slope of Chephren is severely foreshortened as it takes 2 hours just to reach the rock from the lake!Views back over Chephren Lake.We finally get onto some rock - scree.Keith is enjoying this perfect morning too.A nice series of ledges to climb to the crux.Breakfast time before hitting the crux.Slowly but surely the terrain steepens.