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Vern on the traverse to the Richardson / Pika col.Vern at the Richardson / Pika col with the scramble route rising to the right.Looking up the "difficult" section - more moderate IMHO.Jon on the impressively exposed summit of Pika Peak with Hector behind him.Vern reads the summit register.Gorgeous views across the Trans Canada towards Lake Louise and Mount TempleGorgeous views across the Trans Canada towards Lake Louise and Mount TempleBident, Quadra, Fay, Temple, Deltaform, Hungabee, Lefroy, Victoria, Cathedral and Stephen (R).Not such a bad descent from Richardson - in clear conditions with crampons it would be easy.A slightly wider view includes Deltaform, Hungabee, Lefroy and Victoria along with Allan, Temple, Saddle, Fairview, Piran, Whyte and NiblockHector on the right with Balfour on the left.Douglas and St. Bride with Oyster in the fg.Cataract Peak at distant left.I love this view of Bident and Quadra.Bident (L), Quadra and Fay (R).Allen, Temple and Hungabee.Wall of Jericho with Skoki Peak, Cyclone, Pipestone and Drummond in the distance.Mount Richardson.Ptarmigan Peak with Lychnis (L) and Bonnet (C) in the far distance.Vern descends Pika Peak.