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White Pyramid and Chephren on the left, Epaulette at center and the (very open!) Mistaya River blocking our path at this point.Skiing up the Mistaya River trying to find the mythical 'snow bridge' that was actually behind us at this point.TJ does some quality Spring grass touring.Note TJ in the bright jacket trying to find a place to cross the Mistaya River - this was pretty much the crux of our day.JW is an engineer so he was in charge of the bridge...We used an old log to assist our crossing.Already in sleeveless shirt! JW does some unnecessary exercise up (and then down) a ridge near Epaulette Lake.Looking back down Epaulette Lake towards Murchison.Our peak is hundreds of meters higher than us as we approach the ascent route at right.Looking back at JW as we quickly gain height on moraines past the end of the lake. Murchison in the bg.Stupendous views back Cline and Murchison.JW follows TJ and I up the old moraines.Looking back at our ascent route and Epaulette Lake as we turn slowly climber's left between Epaulette and White Pyramid.Higher up the snow is more sparse too far climber's left - Mount Cline is now visible in the distance.Looking to the Epaulette / White Pyramid col and TJ following a very steep skin track.Avalanches were pouring down Epaulette's east face all day in the warm, intense spring sun.The terrain here is much steeper than it appears as we near the col.After abandoning the skis, we boot packed up to the ridge before roping up.A spectacular coffee break on the west ridge of White Pyramid before we rope up and head for the apex. Howse Peak on the left.