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This slope became the bane of our existence when we had to ascend it each evening after a long day out!Forbes rises over the cooking icefield - it was very hot already on day one and only got hotter each subsequent day.Forbes at left with Mons at right.Forbes at left with Mons at right.Looking back down the Icefall Brook drainage at center right. 10 hours ago we started somewhere near the base of Arras PeakAvoiding a crevasse on the  lower south ridge of Christian Peak which rises in the far distance over Ben's head at center.Rounding the south ridge of Christian now and descending to the main Lyell Icefield. The five Lyells all visible now.We've already come up and down Christian Peak's south ridge (L) and turned north. Now we're trudging towards the Three LyellsLooking back down the main Lyell Glacier at Mount Forbes.Inching closer.4/5 of the Lyell peaks in front of us, slowly but surely getting larger and larger.Finally getting close enough to Ernest (L) and Edward (R) that they are looking like real peaks.The snow is getting a bit slushy as we head for the 'schrund crossing.On a steeper slope to the Ernest / Edward col. The 'schrund visible just ahead of Steven here with obvious crevasses to our right.