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Phil tackles the south ridge.A very rare, but welcome, solid(ish) section on the south ridge as the sun starts to drop in the west.Sticking to the ridge crest provided the best scrambling and views - especially to our right over Aurora and Byng.Soft, evening lighting as we finally get close to the final summit slopes. The south ridge just got easier and easier the higher we went.Easy, but gorgeous slopes to the summit.Phil comes down the SW slopes of Alcantara (R) with the impressive west outlier of Brussilof at left.Kev does his best to stick to the SW face of Assiniboine!Dang it! Where do we go?! Up Phil. Just go up. It's not rocket science man. Don't overthink it!Big terrain - and bloody loose as you can see. But we really enjoyed the blocky, ledged terrain. It reminded me of the SW face of Mount Assiniboine.Phil comes up the blocky, moderate step to the ridge crest. It may look pretty loose - and it was - but this is as solid as these mountains get!Phil comes up the snow with Alcantara's impressive south ridge rising beyond. That's our next challenge but we won't think about now.Looking down at Phil, who's clearly having a blast here.Phil transitions out of our ascent gully onto the really manky dirt / rock slope between the two snow gullies.Phil follows me across the first steep ledges as we traverse to the NE ridge.Phil starts up the bottom of the crux crack.Phil stems over the crux just before the "crack" becomes a "chimney".Much easier terrain after the crux, but a slip here would suck badly. Don't slip here.It's all steep, loose, blocky and ledged terrain. Just don't trust ANYTHING to your full body weight and make sure you are ready for slippage at any moment.Dang it! Nothing's ever easy is it?! To avoid unnecessary exposed snow climbing along the obvious ar�te ahead, we chose to dip down to the left and ascend to the summit that way.