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Pleasant hiking towards the ridge.Great views south down hwy 40 including McDougall and Wasootch.Scree slog to the ridge - note the orange trees above which is pine beetle damage.BearberryGULP! The ridge looks more intimidating the closer you get! There's nothing like sticking your nose in itThe weather is unsettled but great views over Yate's Mountain and Barrier Lake. Mary Barclay on the left.Rain to the south - note the snow on Nakiska's ski runs in the distance.Looking down from the bottom of the first difficulties.Note the rusted piton at lower left! This is the first -and easiest - difficult section.Looking down at Dennis from part way up the first difficulty.Looking up at the main crux as I make my way up the ridge between the difficult sections.At the base of the crux looking up it.Good thing it's raining. NOT. Views of Baldy (R) and over Barrier Lake (L).Dennis leads up the crux.This is not for the faint of heart! Especially when damp... Here Denis is negotiating one of the more interesting sectionsLooking back down the ridge.Looking back down the ridge.Looking back down the ridge.