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First full view of our ascent slopes and peak above Wilcox Meadow.There is going to be a LOT of photographs in this trip report - thanks to incredible views like this smacking us in the face every direction we looked!Mount Athabasca.Looking back across Wilcox Pass towards Athabasca (L) and Snow Dome (R) with the Athabasca Glacier in between.Some hands on scrambling to avoid scree.Some hands on scrambling to avoid scree.Mount Saskatchewan.Incredible fall panorama looking west and down hwy 93 at left includes Saskatchewan, Hilda, Athabasca, Boundary and Andromeda.Not even close yet...At the col, looking ahead to the traverse left before ascending along the left hand skyline ridge to the summit above.Gorgeous Wilcox Lake to the NW of the col. Tangle Ridge and Sunwapta in the distance.Rod comes up to the col.Little did I know that only 8 years later I would have climbed all the peaks on this icefield except for Andromeda!View to the south down hwy 93 with Mount Saskatchewan stealing the show above and a brilliant tarn stealing the show below.The only snow we encountered near the traverse was right above the col.Looking carefully you can spot the trail across the scree bowl above, rising left to the left hand skyline ridge.Brilliant fall colors keep distracting me!Rod is barely visible at left, starting the traverse to the NW ridge.Looking over Wilcox Pass towards Engelhard, Alberta, Woolley, Diadem and Mushroom Peak.