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A disappointingly gloomy day for my highline Cautley Traverse, but at least it's not raining or snowingStanding on his hind legs, staring directly into my eyes he was pretty darn big.The Wonder Pass trail near Gog Lake.Looking back west as I ascend the Cautley Meadows. The Towers at left.Nearing Cautley's west scree slopes (R) looking north with Lake Magog just visible under Sunburst Peaks at left.From L to R, Wonder Peak, The Towers, Naiset Point, Magog, Assiniboine, Wedgwood Peak, Lake Magog, Sunburst and Nub Peak.Great views towards Sunburst Peak with Octopus Mountain in the distance at right and Lake Magog in the foreground.Eon (L) and Aye (R) are buried in the clouds with The Towers in the foreground at right.The false summit of Gibraltar Rock at left, Cautley at right and Bryant Creek Valley just left of center in this shot from the ridge to Gibraltar.The extremely easy summit that I completely missed somehow - Cascade Rock - located at center, the false summit of Gibraltar Rock rising at right.Yikes! Where did this come from?! Suddenly the ridge isn't so easy anymore.