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A lonely tree makes a nice foreground subject as I start up the long gully on Lorette.Looking south past Wasootch to The Wedge at distant center.Wasootch Peak.Looking back down the ascent gully to Wasootch.Steep cliffs line the ascent gully. Climbers have fallen down these cliffs while free soloing. :(Steep cliffs line the ascent gully.A very fore-shortened view up the ascent gully from about half way up it.The weather stayed nice for most of my ascent up the gully, making for some fantastic scenery. This is looking south past the climbers ascent ridge.Grinding up the scree gully.Grinding up the scree gully.Views back down the gully from near the top.Views north as I reach the summit ridge.Twin Towers (L), Yates, Mary Barclay's and Baldy (R).Twin Towers (L), Yates, Mary Barclays, Baldy, Midnight, Midday, Wasootch and Lorette (R).Looking back down the top of the ascent gully from the bump that nearly killed me!Views towards Skogan Peak from the summit ridge.With the snow I was forced to stick to the ridge which made the scramble upper moderate in my view - with lots of exposure and cornices to the left.