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That's a heckuva scary view of Mythic Tower's north ridge (not the scramble ascent route).The terrain between the Mythic Towers is convoluted but made much easier by a sheep trail. Descending the bowl in front of me here is likely not a great idea.There's some crazy views on the traverse between the Mythic Towers including this one down into Exshaw Creek past the east face of Mythic Tower.The traverse goes along the base of Mythic Tower's west face at lower right.Looking back up Epic Tower from the traverse.I would rate the traverse moderate simply due to routefinding and some slabby sections.The sheep trail is easily lost on the slabs, this is looking back along the route where I came from.Reaching the end of the traverse, looking up at the scree sidewalk and crux chimney at upper left.A loose scramble to access the scree sidewalk. The crux visible at center top here.The interesting scree sidewalk / crack on Mythic Tower. Cougar Peak at left and Cougar Creek at lower center.Epic Tower and Mount Townsend are awesome! Cougar Creek at left and upper Exshaw Creek at right.The south peak is higher so I traversed over there - very exposed terrain and loose.Old Fort Peak at left with Goat Mountain right of center.Morrowmount.