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A nice hike before we get to the Quaite Valley trail.Flowers are everywhere on this hike.On the ridge, note the faint trail.I've never seen the pines like this before - these are female cones I think.Some decent views on ascent if you can ignore the industrial plant in the background.Now we're grinding straight up.KCMy favorite type of wildflower - the Shooting Star.Bushwhacking to the summit - the trail is to our left but we missed it.Brightly colored mushrooms.View from near the summit - higher than Exshaw Mountain at least!Looking down the ridge from near the summit.Looking north over the Trans Canada highway at the Goat Traverse which includes Door Jamb, Loder and Goat Mountain (L) and Yamnuska (C)Summit view looking west and north. Heart Mountain on the L.McConnell Ridge (aka Barrier Lake Lookout).Mount Fable.Telephoto of the busy concrete plant operations that keep the housing market in Calgary going.One last shot off the summit, showing the biffy near the top - there are also anchors which used to hold a fire lookout here.